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    Conference Announcement
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     Conference Announcement

    (November, 2013, Guangzhou, China)

    The 32nd Annual Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS)

    The 3rd Annual Conference of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies - Specialty

    Committee of Natural Therapy (WFCMS-SCNT)


    Distinguished Specialists and Colleagues, 

    Approved by the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and, the 32nd Annual Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and the 3rd Annual Conference of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies - Specialty Committee of Natural Therapy (WFCMS-SCNT) will be held from November 8 to 10, 2013 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Training workshop courses on Hyperthermia Clinical Application and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy will be provided during the conference time. 

    Call for Papers

    1. Only electronic copy of papers will be accepted. Please do not submit your papers in paper form.

    2. All papers must be submitted through the internet by sending an email attachment in a word format to zrlfwyh@126.com or ICHS2013@clifford-hospital.org.cn. Please indicate “Conference paper”. 

    3. The deadline for submitting your paper with an abstract is October 7, 2013. 

    4. Once your paper is selected for a conference presentation or keynote lecture at the conference, or included in the conference proceeding, we will inform you through email. Among the conference papers, some will be given the Excellent Paper Award. These papers will be recommended to be published by the World Chinese Medicine Journal.

    Conference/ Workshops Fees

    1. Attending conference only: 800 RMB/US$130 per person 

    2. Attending Workshops only: 800 RMB/US$130 per person (covering the international training workshops on hyperthermia & clinical applications and the application of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)

    3. Attending Conference plus Workshops: 1000 RMB/US$160 per person 

    4. The transportation and accommodation will be at the attendees’ expenses. The organizing committee will arrange hotel accommodation for the conference attendees.  

    The Conference Organizer, Venue and Time

    The Host: The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies - Specialty Committee of Natural Therapy 

    The Organizer: Clifford Hospital 

    Time: Registration will start from 14:00 to 16:00 November 7,  the conference period is from November 8 to 10, 2013.

    Venue: Clifford Hotel, No. 8 Shi Guang Road, Panyu Guangzhou,Guangdong China

    Conference Agenda

    Date  Time  Events/lectures
    8th November (Friday) 7:00-8:30 Breakfast
    9:00-9:30 Opening ceremony
    9:30-9:50 Current Progress of Research on Cancer Hyperthermia in Combination with Traditional 
    Chinese Medicine Prof. Dr. Clifford L. K. Pang
    President of International Clinical  Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and the World Federation 
    of Chinese Medicine  Societies - Specialty Committee of Natural Therapy (WFCMS-SCNT),  
    CEO of Clifford Hospital (China)
    9:55-10:15 Relation between Compliance and Response – Recurrence Rates in Head and Neck Tumors 
    Treated with Hyperfractionated Thermoradiotherapy Dr. James Bicher,Founder / Director 
    of Bicher Cancer Institute (USA)
    10:20-10:45 Deep Hyperthermia in Clinical Application  Prof. Andras Szasz , Biotechnics Department,  
    St. Istvan University (Hungary)
    10:50-11:10 The Position of Hyperthermia between Academic and Complementary Oncology Dr. Ralph Moss, 
    Cancer advisor of the Office of Alternative Medicine (USA)
    11:15-11:35 The Application of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy  Dr. Ruhi Cakir,Founder -Mediozon Clinics(Turkey)
    11:40-12:00 The Cultural Traits and Scientific significance of the TCM Psychology Dr. Qiu Hongzhong , 
    Dean of Economics and Management, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Vice-chairman 
    of Guangdong Provincial TCM Psychology (China)
    12:00-12:20 Toward a Radical Cure – with a Focus on Diagnosis of Patient’s Defense  Level and Treatment 
    of Replacing Electrons Dr.  Horiguchi Hiroshi , Horiguchi Hospital (Japan)
    12:20-13:30 Lunch
    14:00-14:20 Neural Therapy as an Effective Pain Therapy   Dr. Nooshin Darvish,Medical Director,  Holistique 
    Medical Center. (USA)
    14:25-14:45 The Current Situation and Development of Hyperthermia Technology in Integrated Cancer 
    Treatment  Prof. Liu Jia, Director of Radiotherapy Dept, The Affiliated Tumor Hospital 
    of Xiangya Medical School of Central South University (China)
    14:50-15:10 The Role of Natural Antioxidants in the Treatment of Human Diseases Prof. Faik Atroshi, 
    Professor of the University of Helsinki (Finland)
    15:15-15:35 The Problem of Hyperthermia Acceptance: Which Clinical Trials Do We Need and How to 
    Overcome the Barrier of Evidence-Based Medicine? Dr. Sergey Roussakow,  General Director 
    of Galenic Research Institute, Moscow (RUSSIA)
    15:35-15:45 Tea break
    15:45-16:05 Music Therapy in the Treatment of Depression in the Elderly Dr. Segundo Armas Torres, 
    The Council Society of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Peru)
    16:10-16:30 Role of Hyperhtermia in Head & Neck Cancer Dr. Nagraj Huilgol,Advanced Centre for  Radiaiton 
    Oncology, Balabhai Nanavati Hospital (India)
    16:35-16:55 Hyperthermia in cancer treatment: Scientific evidence and clinical experiences Prof.  Alexander 
    Herzog, the Germany Integrated Cancer Treatment Society, Doctor of the Herzog Hospital (Germany)
    17:00-17:20 Hormetic Effect of Whole Body Hyperthermia (Experimental Study on Rats) Dr. Nodar  Mitagvaria, 
    Academician of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the Scientific Council,  
    Head, Dept. Cerebral Circulation and Metabolism of I.Beritashvili Center of Experimental 
    Biomedicine (Georgia)
    17:25-17:45 Thermography Controlled wIRA-hyperthermia & Low Dose Re-Irradiation in Recurrent Breast 
    Cancer Dr. Marcus Notter, Member of the Board Meeting of the International Clinical 
    Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) (Switzerland)
    18:00-19:30 Dinner
    20:00-22:00 Training Workshop:The Application of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy  Dr. Ruhi Cakir,
    Founder -Mediozon Clinics (Turkey)
    9th November (Saturday) 7:00-8:00 Breakfast
    8:30-12:10 Presentations & academic exchanges(10 minutes for each participant, 20 participants)
    12:10-13:30 Tea break
    14:00-17:30 Presentations & academic exchanges(10 minutes for each participant,20 participants)
    18:00-19:30 Dinner
    10th November (Sunday) 7:00-8:30 Breakfsat
    8:30-09:30 Training workshop on deep hyperthermia  clinical applications & operation guidance 
    Prof. Andras Szasz, Biotechnics Department,  St. Istvan University (Hungary)
    9:35-10:35 Practical hyperthermia training The most common use of whole-body hyperthermia (WBH) 
    in Germany : fever range WBH without sedation, heating and heat-retention phase
    Stefan Heckel-Reusser, Heckel Medizintecnik Gmbh (Germany)
    10:40-11:40 The Clinical Application of the Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy: 
    ①The origin and historical development 
    ②The mechanism and advantage
    ③The Clinical application of the combination of deep regional hyperthermia and  hyperthermic 
    intraperitoneal chemotherapy 
    ④Potential applications of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy Prof. 
    Lu Yimin, Director,Hyperthermia Center of Clifford Hospital (China)
    11:45-12:45 Chinese traditional hyperthermia methods: 
    ①Traditional moxibustion therapy,  thunder-fire 
    moxibustion therapy, moxibustion of warmed needles
    ②Acupoint application therapy and external application therapy 
    ③Stone needle therapy and ironing therapy 
    ④Wax therapy
    ⑤TCM fumigation therapy and herbal fumigation)Prof. Zhang Zili, Director, Acupuncture Dept 
    of Clifford Hospital (China)
    12:45-14:00 Lunch
    14:00-14:30 Awards
    14:30-16:00 Equipment demonstrations, Q & A session 
    16:30- End of Conference

    Note: From November 8, 2013 onwards, various hyperthermia instrument/methodologies will be displayed on-site at the venues during the conference period. Interested experts, researchers and participants could visit the venues for viewing, study and academic exchanges.

    Contact Us

    Please fill out the registration form and send us back through email, mail or fax before October 7, 2013. (Please refer to the attachment) 

    Address: Clifford Hospital, the office of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies - Specialty Committee of Natural Therapy (WFCMS-SCNT) / International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS). 8 Shiguang Road, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, P. R. China. 

    Contact Persons: Ou Junwen  (0086-13556021810), Chen Qiong (0086-13822204450)

    Office Number: 0086-20—84510098,0086-20-84518222 (extension: 85312)

    Fax: 0086-20-84518400

    Postcode: 511495. 

    Email: zrlfwyh@126.com or ICHS2013@clifford-hospital.org.cn

    Attachment of the registration form

    Welcome to attend the conference! Please fill out the registration form and send us back before October 7, 2013. 

    Email: zrlfwyh@126.com or S2013@clifford-hospital.org.cn

    Fax: 0086-20-84518400



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