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    International Doctors Meet at Clifford Hospital for the Annual Conferences of the ICHS and the WFCMS-SCNT
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    November 8, Clifford Hospital welcomed the 32nd Annual Conference of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) and the 3rd Annual Conference of The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies - Specialty Committee of Natural Therapy (WFCMS-SCNT) being held on November 8 – 10 at Clifford Hotel, in Guangzhou, China.

    The conferences were held to help researchers from around the world to discuss the use of hyperthermia and natural therapies in a wide variety of diseases including cancer care. The conference brought over 600 medical experts from China, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Hungary, South Korea and other parts of the world. Dr. James Bicher, a well-known American specialist in oncological hyperthermia, the Nobel Prize winner Bernardo Alberto’s former student, was invited to give a key-note speech at the conference.

    The conference covered a wide range of topics in hyperthermia and natural therapy. Many of the conference talks discussed how hyperthermia and natural therapies have helped patients, what researchers have done in the past year for the development of hyperthermia and natural therapies, and what need to be resolved for a better future development.

    The doctors were also able to have a tour around the Clifford Hospital with different departments to learn methodologies done at the Hospital as well as to have private discussions about research that was done during the past year.

    Clifford Hospital was chosen specifically for the event due to its outstanding achievements in hypothermia and natural therapies, 10 years consecutive international JCI accreditation, as well as its world-class medical services. 

    Professor Dr. Clifford L. K. Pang, the Chairman of the conference, was pleased at the amount of conference members as well as the conference talks that were shared at the conference. “We are very pleased with how the conference went and with those who attended,” Said Dr. Pang. “We hope that this conference will not only help doctors and patients in the immediate future, but will also set precedence for future conferences and research into the benefits of hyperthermia and natural therapy used in medical research.”



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