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  • Cancer Treatment with Heat: A New Book Discusses the Use of Hyperthermia Treatment for Cancer Patients
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    Hyperthermia in Oncology, a medical research book written by Clifford L.K. Pang, has been released by the People’s Medical Publishing House. Hyperthermia therapy is a type of medical treatment in which body tissue is exposed to slightly higher temperatures to damage and kill cancer cells. Oncological hyperthermia is used along with other traditional cancer treatments to make cancer cells more sensitive to the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. In addition, it can effectively reduce chemo-and-radio-related toxic side effects and strengthen cancer patients’ immune system.

    This is Dr. Pang’s newest medical research book on oncology after his previous book, A Study of Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments. Dr. Pang, is President of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS), Chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies—Special Committee of Natural Therapy (WFCMS-SCNT), the Board Chairman and CEO of the Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou, and a Professor and Adviser of Doctoral Students at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hyperthermia in Oncology gives a review of the clinical applications of oncological hyperthermia at Clifford Hospital. A large number of studies and clinical practices done at Clifford Hospital has demonstrated oncological hyperthermia’s unique treatment efficacy.

    Dr. Ralph Moss, a former student of the Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a professor from the State College in Pennsylvania, has highly commented on this new book. “The most effective cancer treatment includes not just the triad of surgery-radiation-chemotherapy, but also hyperthermia, immunotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). These three once ‘alternative treatments’ have come together in the outstanding work done by Prof. Clifford Pang with his creation of his pioneering Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou, China, and now in this fascinating book on cancer treatment,” Said Dr. Moss. “In particular, Prof. Pang has focused on the development of heat therapy, also known as hyperthermia. He points out in this work that hyperthermia has Eastern, as well as Western, Roots. For instance, Chinese doctors use medicated baths, medical fumigation, hot springs paths, moxibustion, sand baths and cupping jars, all of which involve the therapeutic use of heat.”

    Dr. Andras Szasz, Head of the Biotechnics Department, St Istvan University Hungary, Chief Scientific Officer of the Oncotherm Gmbh in Troisdorf, Germany, also has spoken highly of the book. “It is written by an authentic doctor, Dr. Clifford Pang, who uses hyperthermia together with the leading Western, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Natural Medicine for oncology treatments,” Said Dr. Szasz. “Dr. Pang amalgamates the best Western medical knowledge with the long-living proven traditional practices. The possible synergy of hyperthermia and traditional therapies was apparent, but a study which seriously deals with the topics was missing until now.”

    The book, Hyperthermia in Oncology, is now available in Chinese and can be purchased for 128 RMB. An English edition of the book will be available in early 2014. For more information, please contact our Media Contact, Dr. Ou or Ms. Rose at ichs2013@clifford-hospital.org.cn



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