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Integrative application of Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine

which is widely recognized in the region

Based on Chinese and Western Medicine, applying related theories of contemporary psychology and convalescence medicine, emphasizing both physiology and mentality, and considering from viewpoints of treatment and rehabilitation, Chinese Medicine Rehabilitation & Rejuvenation Clinic is dedicated to constructing a healthy, happy and perfect life style for you.
Psychological rehabilitation is one of the health themes for modern people, which aims to preserve youth psychologically.
In recent years, developed countries have advocated "not accumulating potential affection energy", which means external stimulus should be in equilibrium with psychological bearing capability. Emotional fluctuation may cause physical disorder which produces "potential affection energy", and therefore once it is beyond a certain limit, metabolic disturbance and lowering of immune system will be brought about, which may lead to new disease or aggravate old illness.

Conditions we treat

Psychological obstacles such as depression, anxiety, obsession ,fear etc. Mental stress status caused by social psychological factors Physiological barrier such as sleep problems, feeding disturbance etc.

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To offer efficient, reasonable and green treatment protocol to patients with active practice of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine combined with the concept of integrated medical perspective.

To bring every patient psychological health rehabilitation, the cure of the disease and physical and mental rehabilitation

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