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Ou Junwen

Associate Chief Physician

Department: oncological integrative treament center、Natural Medicine Center、Department of Dietetics

After graduation, Dr. Ou worked as geriatrician in Barnsly District General Hospital in Yorkshire, England. She has conducted clinical research in integrative cancer treatment; nutrition for prevention and treatment. Dr. Ou has a wealth of experience in applying chelation detoxification, hyperthermia, medical ozone, intensive insulin therapy and other supplementary cancer treatment. She is internationally certified. She has expertise in treating malignant tumor, coronary heart disease, diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, hepatic insufficiency, chronic renal insufficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, simple obesity, constipation, recurrent oral ulcer, acne, chloasma and insomnia, using integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine. Dr. Ou has published 10 papers and participated in editing 9 monographs. She served as an assistant editor for one of these monographs.

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