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Central Nervous System

For the diagnosis of craniocerebral trauma, cerebral hemorrhage and brain infarction, CT would be the first choice.

MRI has advantage in early diagnosis of brain infections diseases, congenital malformation, demyelinating disease, brain tumors and cerebral infarction.

Safe and effective intervention radiotherapy can be applied to epistaxis, carotid cavernous fistula, cerebrovascular malformation and cerebral aneurysm. And at the same time carry out the interventional therapies such as cerebral arterial thrombus dissolution, head and neck artery stenosis angioplasty,intracranial tumor chemotherapy.

Craniofacial Bone Multiple Fracture

Various Ways of Displaying Anterior Cranial Fossa Meningioma

Willis' Annulation Aneurysm 1

Willis' Annulation Aneurysm 2