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Dietary Tips for Lung Cancer Patients


For the past weeks, most northern cities in China have been enveloped in thick toxic smog, one of the worst episodes of air pollution in the country. As PM2.5 fine particles can lodge in human lungs, the World Health Organization representative Bernhard Schwartlander warned that in the long term, high levels of air pollution can cause lung cancer. Some experts even estimate that by 2025, there will be more than 1 million newly increased lung cancer patients per year in China.

Cancer specialists in Clifford Hospital pointed out that, for those who have been unfortunately diagnosed with lung cancer, there are these important dietary points to keep in mind in terms of preventing malnutrition and strengthening immunity.

Patients with early and middle-stage lung cancer usually have unaffected gastrointestinal systems. After a clear diagnosis, their family should take the opportunity to provide the patients with proper nutrition, including good quality protein, sugar, fat, minerals and multi-vitamins, especially increased supply of fresh vegetables and fruits. Some non-toxic treatments such as chelation, intravenous nutritional support, and herbal cuisine can be administered to detoxify the body, increase nutrition, boost immunity, and prevent or delay cancer progression.

For lung cancer patients who present with cough or hemoptysis, some food therapies can be used under an oncologist’s guidance to stop bleeding and play an astringent role, such as apricot kernel, lily bulb, water nut all of which have the function of nourishing Yin and moisten lungs. In addition, ingredients like lotus root, lotus seed, and Chinese Yam are effective in relieving cough and stopping bleeding. When the patient is in good condition, eating frequent small meals can help improve nutrition the body needs.

Cancer specialists in Clifford Hospital remind that the postoperative recovery is essential for lung cancer patients and can directly affect their prognoses. Therefore, the nontoxic integrative cancer treatment can be a wise choice to promote recovery and prevent cancer relapse and metastasis.

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