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Beware! Breast Cancer May Not Present As Lump!


Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops from mammary gland epithelial tissue. 99% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed in women, while only 1% are in men. As we know, doctors often advise ladies to havebreast self-examination in the shower.And if there is a lump or hardenedknot, it is suggested they should see a doctor immediately. Oncologist from Clifford Hospital said although breast lump or hard knot is the most common symptom in breast cancerand almost 80% of patients visit doctor because of it, there are some patient don’t have lumps since clinical manifestations of breast cancer are various.

Oncologist from Clifford Hospital introduces you some features of breast cancer without lump:

1. Discharge from Nipple

Most of unusual discharge is caused by benign condition but could be due to cancer in some cases. Thus, visit doctor to get correct diagnosis once it occurs.

2. Eczema

Women may have swollen, painful or itching breasts in damp weather or menstruation period. But, if there is a change in the nipple, such as a nipple ulceration, itching, a burning sensation, thickening, erythema, crusting, or scaling.Please pay attention to the possibility of breast cancer.

It is a primary cancer with signs of swollen breast, skin redness, pain or tenderness. Typical manifestation include diffuse swelling in the whole breast, breast skin hyperaemia, a reddish, pitted surface like the skin of an orange.

4. Occult breast cancer

It develops without any symptoms, lumpand hard knot, but the lesion can be found under mammogram,ultrasound and other examinations.

At present, surgery is still the main treatment method for breast cancer, however, the chance of recurrence is relatively high. If breast cancer does recur, it will be much more difficult to treatand willthreaten patient’s life directly. Especially in some cases that patients who are afraid of strong side effects from chemotherapyrefused it after surgery and an unhealthy lifestyle factors may leadingtothe recurrence of breast cancer.

As for that,specialistfrom Clifford Hospital points out that postoperative recurrence of breast cancer is awful, but it is completely preventable. The key is to keep taking treatments. Many patients can not insist on treatment due to painful side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Actually, patient could choose non-toxic integrative treatment to reduce treatment side effects. Clifford Hospital creates non-toxic integrative treatments including hyperthermia, chelation therapy, medical ozone therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition therapy, etc to eliminate patient’s internal toxins, alkalinize their constitution and improve nutritional intake in order to boost immune system. It can protect patient’s body from excessive or unsuitable treatments so as to improve life quality and prolong survival time.

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