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Impairment of the liver may cause cancer


Many people with liver cancer are unaware of it, as the liver is the only organ with no nerve endings that trigger pains. Liver cancer can develop rapidly which only takes four to six months from symptoms onset to deterioration and carry a poor prognosis. Therefore, liver cancer has also been called “the King of Carcinoma”. According to the oncologist from Clifford Hospital, other than long term exposure to foods contaminated by aflatoxins, consuming excessive alcohol is also one of the risk factors. In addition, the high nutrients diet, excessive intake of proteins, poor diet and unhealthy habits are also the reasons to raise the risk of liver cancer.

Excessive alcohol intake

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver cancer especially for people with hepatitis B. Consuming excessive alcohol in long term can overwhelm the liver and have a significantly higher risk of developing liver cancer. 

Delay urination in the morning

Oncologist from Clifford Hospital indicates that toxins in the body can be eliminate through urination, defecation and perspiration. In order to avoid or remove toxins from the body which may lead to poisoning in liver, people should urinate right after waking up in the morning.

Skip breakfast regularly

As per the nutritionist, an ideal breakfast can increase the feeling of fullness and prevent liver damage and neutralize gastric acid. Breakfast-skippers have a higher risk of diseases such as diabetes, gallstones, constipation and pancreatitis. 

Foods contaminated by aflatoxins

Aflatoxins are poisons and can be found in moldy peanuts and corns. Consuming foods contaminated by aflatoxins can increase the risk of developing liver cancer. Furthermore, aflatoxins cannot be killed through the cooking process, because they are resistance to high temperature and insoluble in water

Take too much medication

The oncologist from Clifford Hospital advised that use of some drugs over a long period of time can result in liver injury and increase toxic burden which can cause drug-induced hepatitis. Prescription drugs can lead to liver injury include painkiller, antibiotics, analgesic-antipyretic, antidepressant drugs, antiepileptic drugs, sedatives, hypoglycemic drugs, angiomyocardiac and etc. Therefore, medicines must be taken follow by the doctor's instructions and under the guidance of the doctor.

Unhealthy diet

With the improvement of living standards, the choices of food is more diversified. Diets with excess fats and rich protein can promote the growth of liver cancer. 

Ways to protect your liver

1. There is a strong relationship between the health of eyes and the liver. Overuse of smart phones, computers and TVs can damage the eyes and lead to liver qi and blood deficiency. Close the eyes for rest regularly can help to maintain liver health.

2. Eat more whole grains and less greasy foods, in order to keep a balanced diet.

3. As we know, anger can damage the liver. Therefore, we need to be optimistic and always in a good mood. Moreover, drink more water while being angry can eliminate  fatty acids and reduce liver damage.

4. Do not take medications without doctors’ instructions. Some patients do not take medications as prescribed or take more than suggested which can significantly aggravate toxic burden.

Maintain at least seven to eight hours of sleep each day and ensure in a deep sleep state before 11pm not only benefit the liver, but also benefit the whole body. 

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