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Diabetes clinic is one of the featured specialties in Endocrine department.

Multidisciplinary team collaboration to prescribe

the most effective treatment plan with integrated Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

The Endocrine Center of Clifford Hospital provides diagnostic and treatment services for endocrine and metabolic diseases by combining Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine. With rich experience in treating diabetes, diabetic foot, thyroid disease, gout, hyperlipemia, hypertension, rheumatism and immune diseases, our endocrine center is known locally as the best intensive treatment center for diabetes.

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Perfect management and education patient system

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Our Doctors

Famous Endocrinologist in China

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Shi Xiaojian

Professor, Chief Physician

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Xie Zhengquan


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Liu Feng

Associate Chief Physician

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Ji Bing

Professor, Master Supervisor, Chief Physician

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Yuan Yi

Associate Chief Physician

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Li Yanbing

M.D, supervisor of docatoral students

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Advanced Technology

Endocrinology Department of Clifford Hospital seeks to track and manage patients continuously throughout the whole course for all kinds of endocrine diseases.