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Prevention is better than cure.

We help you achieve optimal health.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, Clifford Hospital combines modern medicine and technology to establish preventive medicine department. The core concept is to prevent disease, prevent progress of disease, and prevent recurrence after disease recovery.

Preventive medicine department possesses advanced facilities from home and abroad which can assess the individual overall health condition and body functions, such as sub-health state evaluation, aging testing, circulatory system testing, etc. After the assessment, a personalized preventive healthcare plan is formulated to help maintain good health and prevent diseases. We help you improve immunity, reduce illness, delay aging, and prolong life.

Conditions We Treat

Detoxification, management of sub-health condition, anti-aging, traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, nutrition therapy, etc


Body inner circulation testing, electromagnetic testing, the recognition of TCM constitution

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Chelation therapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, systemic biofeedback therapy, local hyperthermia/whole body hyperthermia......

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Medical Team

Professional medical team with high techniques
and rich clinical experiences

More doctors

Li Yuehua

Chief Physician, Professor

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Liao Qianxun


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Hu Shenglin


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Zhen Channv

TCM Technician

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