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One of the largest Hyperthermia centers in the world

The fifth cancer therapy method

Clifford Hospital Hyperthermia Center is the largest hyperthermia center in the world. It has top medical equipment such as German Heckel-HT2000M Infrared Whole Body Hyperthermia machine, and Hungary OncoTherm EHY-2000 Local RF Hyperthermia machine and NRL-002 Radiofrequency Field Thermo-Therapeutic machine. It operates with an advanced centralized patient monitoring system and good medical treatment facilities. Training program and academic seminars by domestic and foreign hyperthermia specialists are held regularly. And this Center, which has excellent domestic hyperthermia professionals, applies the integration of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapies for both whole body (general) and local hyperthermia. World (National) renowned hyperthermia professors offer consultations regularly.

What is Hyperthermia?


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Therapeutic Methods

Local Hyperthermia

Local hyperthermia is a heating method in which the temperature range its limite

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Medical Team

Professional medical team with high techniques
and rich clinical experiences

More doctors

Lu Yimin

Chief Physician, Professor

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Chen Jianhong


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