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Hotel Recreation & Entertainment Services

Food & Beverage

1. Shopping

Clifford Supermarket: 

Getting there: Free transportation to and from Clifford Hospital

Distance: 5 minutes' walk from the Hospital


Clifford Wonderland

Getting there: Free transportation to and from Clifford Hospital 

Distance: Five minutes' drive from the Hospital

2.Hotels Near Clifford Hospital


Clifford Hotel



Room rate: starting at USD 80

Tel: (8620)-34710088

Fax: (8620)-34710099 


Distance: 5 minutes' drive from Clifford Hospital

Clifford Suites

Room rate: starting at USD 80

Tel: 020-35984412

Distance: 5 minutes' drive from Clifford Hospital

Clifford Landmark Apartment

Offering two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom apartments are available on a daily, fortnightly or monthly rental basis.

Tel: (8620)-39222119

Fax: (8620)-39222864

Distance: 5 minutes’ walk from Clifford Hospital

Dynamic Garden

Offering two,three and four-bedroom apartments are available on a daily rental basis.

Tel: (8620)-39902292

Distance: 10 minutes’ walk from Clifford Hospital

Food & Beverage

As Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine once said “Let your food be your medicine, your medicine be your food”, nutritious food is quite essential in preventing and treating chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, allergies, hypertension, renal failure and chronic fatigue syndrome. Nutritional food can strengthen the patients’ immune and detoxification system. 

At Clifford Hospital, patients can enjoy an extensive selection of restaurant-style meals that are customized according to the diet plan their physicians and nutritionists have prescribed.

In addition to regular foods that cater to patients' needs, prescribed juices made from fruits and vegetables are also available for patients.

Our special chefs can also make foods out of traditional Chinese herbal medicines for patients. These types of food not only can provide essential nutrients for patients, but also boost their immunity and relieve their symptoms. 

Guest Meals

Patient’s family and friends can order guest meals. A guest menu is provided to all patients upon admission. 

Ordering Meals

Patients or their family members can also order food from restaurants near Clifford Hospital.It only takes five minutes to walk from the hospital to the nearby wet markets, supermarket, cafe and restaurants. Clifford provides free transportation for both the patients and their family members from the hospital to Clifford Wonderland (shopping malls) and Clifford Bus Terminal station.

0ptions for Islamic Halal Food in the Hospital

For the patients and their family members who have special needs for Islamic halal food, they can buy food ingredients and cook halal food by themselves in the self-help kitchen located on the 6th floor of Clifford Hospital.

International Customer Service Center

Insurance Claim Service

International Customer Service Center

International Customer Service Center provides a wide range of services to international and VIP customers. It is our goal to ensure each and every patient best medical treatment and hospital experience.

● Treatment and Hospitalization Cost Estimation

Our specialists/doctors will work out an estimated cost for your treatments based on the information provided by you and your family.

● Travel Services and Visa Assistance

We can help expedite your visa application by providing a visa invitation letter and medical verification & documents for you to present to the Chinese embassy in your country. 

● Hotel Accommodations 

We can help make your reservation with Clifford Suites, Clifford Hotel, Dynamic Gardens and/or Clifford Landmark. Our hospital provides free transportation to and from these locations. It usually takes about five minutes to get there.

● Oral Interpretation and Document Translations

We offer free interpretation in English, Russian, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean and Japanese. In Clifford Hospital, language is never a barrier.

● Making Appointments

We help schedule appointments with your doctors/specialists.

● Liaison with medical insurance companies

We help arrange direct billing service for customers to get reimbursement from their insurance companies, saving them from having to do all the paperwork on their own.

● Others

Faxing, photocopying, typing, printing, mailing, and express courier service etc.

Clifford Hospital could help arrange direct billing service for customers to get reimbursement from their insurance companies with which we have a cooperative relationship. However, customers may still be required to cover the co-payment upon checkout. We are continually working to expand the list of insurance carriers with whom we have a direct billing agreement. Please note that below is NOT a complete list.


Should you have any questions or need any help regarding insurance claims, please do not hesitate to contact us on either of the following telephone numbers or emails:

International Customer Service Center
Tel: (
8620) 84718123, 84518222 ext 50125, 50834