Comprehensive application of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, natural medicine, large modern hospital

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Our specialists address the symptoms and provide treatment

by combining Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine

The Anorectal Department of Clifford Hospital is composed of two sections: Outpatient Clinic and Inpatient Ward. Staffed with specialists of Integrative Medicine and facilitated with advanced medical equipment, Anorectal Department provides high-quality and effective medical services at reasonable prices.

Conditions we treat

Anus and Perianal Diseases diagnosis and therapy Rectal-Colon Infection medical treatment Colorectal Sigmoid Tumor treatment Anorectal Emergency Treatment

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Featured Services

Constipation treatment with the combination of Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine

Following the theory of differentiation of symptoms and signs of traditional Chinese medicine, the integrative treatment is adopted, such as Chinese herbal medicine, TCM Physiotherapy, acupuncture, acupoint stimulation massage, auricular pressure, medical O-zone therapy, chelation, retention enema of TCM with the combination of diet, TCM regimen, medical Qigong, health exercise etc to effectively cure slow transit constipations, outlet obstructive constipations, atonic constipation etc.

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Advanced Technology

Integrative treatment with the combination of Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Natural Medicine

Medical Team

Professional medical team with high techniques
and rich clinical experiences

More doctors

Chen Qiang

Chief Physician

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