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“One-to-one” rehabilitation services,

Combination of modern physical therapy and traditional Chinese rehabilitation treatment

Rehabilitation Department at Clifford Hospital is dedicated to the treatment for patients in need of physical restoration. We provide physical rehabilitation and therapy services that combine modern technology with traditional Chinese medicine for disorders related to neurological disease, orthopedic disease, arthritics, pulmonary dysfunction, cardiovascular problems, and sports injuries, etc. All our rehabilitation services are provided on a one-on-one basis. The primary goal of our department is to offer the patient, by physical therapy, an opportunity to achieve his or her maximum level of independence.
Rehabilitation Department at Clifford Hospital offers combination of modern medicine and traditional Chinese rehabilitation medicine to treat nervous system diseases and limbs disturbance caused by orthopedic disorders, neck and shoulder pain, lumbago, leg pain, decreased lung function caused by lung disease, cardiac dysfunction caused by heart disease, etc.
We adopt modern physical treatment technology including bone injury therapeutic equipment, ultrasonic treatment instruments, neurofeedback training system for the lower limbs, ultra short wave treatment, ultraviolet ray device, computerized mid-frequency, traction, etc to help patient regain life ability, and working capacity so as to back to society.
Rehabilitation department offers physical therapy services to existing and new patients. Featuring separate treatment rooms and exercise facilities, the clinic offers high quality of care at a convenient location for patients unable to attend in-hospital therapy. This allows patients to follow their physician’s treatment plan consistently.

Conditions We Treat

Nervous system diseases, limbs disturbance caused by orthopedic disorders.....

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