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With our advanced equipment and our expert team

we aims to provide a comprehensive neurological care, especially for severe traumatic brain injury, brain tumors and skull base surgery.

Neurosurgery department is one of the featured specialty departments of Clifford Hospital. It consists of outpatient, microsurgery, brain injury and vascular intervention sections. Neurosurgery department has advanced facilities and a very comprehensive range of clinical specialists. We provide a complete array of diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation service for neurological disorders. Learn more

Conditions We Treat

Head trauma, brain tumor, spinal cord diseases, cerebrovascular hemorrhage diseases, central nervous system congenital disease, brain function diseases, intracranial infection, cerebral parasitic disease, intracranial foreign-material, etc

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Advanced Technology

Combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is adopted to treat neurological disorders. On the basis of surgery,

TCM, natural therapy and rehabilitation techniques are used after operation to achieve a good efficacy and reduce postoperative complications.

Natural Medicine

Western Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Specific examinations

Featured Project

Microsurgery, vascular and interventional radiology technique for cerebrovascular disease, nerve electrophysiology, surgical treatment for epilepsy, integrative treatment.

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Medical Team

Professional medical team with high techniques
and rich clinical experiences

More doctors

Gao Guangwen

Associate Chief Physician

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Weng Chaodi

Associate Chief Physician

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Zhang Lin


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