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Plan Your Visit

Step 1

Visit our website and do some research on the Internet, which will allow you to know our hospital better. You will have a better understanding of our specialists, treatments and services available, hospital environment and social recognition.

Step 2

Send us an email at Please let us know your medical conditions and treatment expectations in detail. Please provide us with patient’s full name, nationality, gender, contact information, date of birth, and diagnosis, results of biopsies, x-rays, or other diagnostic tests, previous treatment received and description of the patient's current conditions (e.g. walking ability, breathing condition, intensity of pain etc). With the above information we can assess your conditions and reply to you promptly (usually within 24 hours).

Step 3

Once you have received treatment recommendations and cost estimation from our doctors, you may discuss your concerns with your family and friends regarding the length of hospitalization, and the cost of treatments.

Step 4

After you make the decision to seek treatments at Clifford Hospital, the next step is to email us the scanned copy of passport pages containing patient’s and accompanying person’s particulars at We will send you an invitation letter for your Chinese visa application.

Step 5

Once your visa is ready, you may book an air ticket to Guangzhou, China. Please email us your flight number, arrival date and time, total number of people arriving as well as your mobile phone number in case we need to contact you. Please bring your previous medical reports with you if you have any. Upon your arrival, we will pick you up at the airport and chauffeur you to the hospital.