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Lu Yimin

Chief Physician, Professor

Department: oncological integrative treament center、Natural Medicine Center、Hyperthermia Center

Professor Lu Yimin, Chief Physician, Director of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies -- Specialty Committee of Natural Therapy, has been engaged in clinical work for over 20 years. Dr. Lu is dedicated to the study and clinical practice in applying whole body hyperthermia, extracorporeal deep hyperthermia, whole body chemohyperthermia and endoceliac chemohyperthermia to treat malignant tumor. He has extensive experience in treating colon cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer, etc. Besides, he is specialized in using whole body hyperthermia and extracorporeal deep hyperthermia for rheumatic arthritis, primary dysmenorrhea, chronic gynecological inflammation, chronic bronchitis, chronic prostatitis, osteoarthropathy, etc. Dr. Lu published two medical monographs Hyperthermia in Oncology and Theory and Clinical Practice of Hyperthermia in Oncology in recent years.

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