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Warning: These Diseases May Link to Cancer


Cancer doesn’t occur abruptly, but takes more than 30 years for a mutant cell to develop into a malignant tumor. It is a long journey, and it is possibly attributable to chronic disease or unhealthy lifestyle that you don’t take account of. Oncologist from Clifford Hospital introduces you several kinds of diseases linked to cancer as the following, andarouses public awareness.


Although hepatitis is treatable and hepatic function can almost back to normal, elimination of the viruses carried by the patient are hardly achieved. With continuous threatfrom the viruses, patients still haveachance to get liver cirrhosis, even liver cancer.

Chronic ulcer disease

Canker sores are very common in daily life, which may not arise much attention. But, if the sorepersists without healing, it may be a warning sign of oral cancer.


Clinical data show that diabetes patients have higher risk to get cancer than people without diabetes. Rising blood sugar levels and obesity in diabetes may contribute to some cancers, including endometrial cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. Diabetes is one of the high risk factors of cancer.

Gastrointestinal polyposis

Many of gastrointestinal cancer cases are caused by polyps with malignant transformation, especially the adenomatous polyp of colon which have much higher malignant change rate. Oncologist from Clifford Hospital recommends you to take treatment properly once you detect polyp after check up.

Human papilloma virus (HPV)

As is known to all, cervical cancer is related to HPV infection. Oncologist advises ladies to practice safe sex and take HPV vaccination to protect themselves from infection. In additiona, HPV infection is also closely associated with head and neck cancers.

Thyroid nodule

Several conditions can cause thyroid nodule, such as age, iodine deficiency, radiation exposure on neck, etc. It is a risk factor to develop thyroid cancer. Oncologist suggests that people with thyroid nodule should monitor it every year.

If cancer is dected, please don’t be panic and pessimistic. Oncologist from Clifford Hospital indicates that with speedy development of modern medical technologies, more and more cancer treatments come out. It doesn’t only rely on single study anymore, and non-toxic integrated cancer treatment is recommended. Traditional treatments--surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy which are commonly used for patients at present still have disadvantage of high risk, great side effects, cancer residual, etc. Clifford Hospital creates non-toxic integrated treatment that combines western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine together. Through adopting natural therapies such as acupuncture, nutritional therapy, ozone therapy, etc, along the whole treatment process, cancer patients will get immunity improvement and side effect relief so as to get a good treatment effect.

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